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E-books have become the “tail-wagging-the-dog” factor in publishing.

According to the Association of American Publishers, sales of e-books in 2011 began to top monthly sales of other individual trade book formats, including hardcover books and mass-market paperbacks. Now, e-books represent an estimated 10-20 percent of book sales, About E-books and e-book publishing by Inkslingers Press in Vero Beach Floridadepending on the publishing house reporting – and their market share is growing. E-books are the new major profit center on the book-publishing scene.

Inkslingers Press has been established to help you take full advantage of the current “Wild West” of e-book publishing – where many of the old rules of publishing no longer apply and creative new publishing and book-marketing concepts are the norm. With costs of publishing greatly reduced, in part because of the elimination of inventories of “hard copies” of texts, publishing can be done much more quickly and efficiently. And good ideas can more easily be translated into profits for the author.

But the relative efficiency of publishing through the e-book format comes with an important caveat. The single most important standard that has carried over from traditional publishing to the new e-book approach – a standard that serious authors must not ignore – is editorial quality. This emphasis on quality is the stock-in-trade of Inkslingers Press.

Anyone, with a little coaching from someone with computer skills and with plenty of time to negotiate the twists, turns and traps of online publishing, can “publish” a book online. But few can produce quality manuscripts that can stand up to the most demanding editorial reviews and that have the best chance of passing the many tests of time.

With our deep experience at Inkslingers Press in writing, editing and producing “clean” manuscripts in major book-publishing venues, we stand apart from other publishers who specialize in e-books. (For details on the editing expertise and background of the Inkslingers Press editor-publisher, click here.)











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