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With the goal of producing e-books of superior quality – and positioning those-books to sell – Inkslingers Press offers authors a variety of services, including the following:Inkslingers Press, a division of Inkslingers, Inc., is a publishing firm based in Vero Beach, Florida, that specializes in e-books.

• General editing
• Copyediting to meet Inkslingers Press publishing standards
• Formatting the text to meet e-book requirements
• Photo and artwork placement
• E-book cover design
• Press release
• Production and author descriptions for e-book platforms
• Web site displays
• Marketing, pricing and publicity consultations aimed at developing strategies to maximize e-book income
• Publication on major e-book platforms

Fees for e-book publishing and editing are competitive. For further information on these and other services, contact us at Or submit your manuscript or proposal directly to us at that e-mail address in accordance with the following Submission Guidelines.

Submission Guidelines for Inkslingers Press E-book publishers in Vero Beach Florida

All e-book submissions should be made by e-mail to and should include these components:

• A short description of your e-book. Sum up your book in one hard-hitting sentence – and then add an extra paragraph or two to provide relevant details.
• An e-mail attachment in “.doc” Word format, containing either your entire manuscript or a representative portion of it (usually at least 2-3 chapters).
• Your current CV or biographical sketch describing your credentials as author.
• As for length, our short e-books typically run about 12,000 to 20,000 words. Full-length works may run 40,000 to 60,000 words or longer, depending on the genre and subject matter.
• Authors of manuscripts accepted for publication will receive a publishing contract.

Inkslingers Press reserves the right to reject any submission for any reason, with or without cause.









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