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What exactly was the Star of Bethlehem? Is there any chance it may actually return – and, if so, under what circumstances? Who were the Magi, or “wise men” that witnessed the event? What might the Star mean to you today?

Authors Kenneth Boa of Atlanta and William Proctor of Vero Beach, Florida, answer these and other exciting questions in THE RETURN OF THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM: A Message for the 21st Century, the lavishly illustrated new e-book published by Inkslingers Press ( The book is available on the Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook Web sites.

For millennia, theologians, astronomers and Christian lay people have puzzled over the exact nature and identity of the Star of Bethlehem. Some have concluded that the Star was a supernova – a striking stellar explosion in deep space. Others say the phenomenon was a bolide – a large meteor. Still others argue that the Star was a conjunction – a close passing of planets, which might have had special meaning to Magi trained in astrological arts. Some even contend that the Star was an alien visitation such as a UFO. But is it possible that the incident involved something even more mysterious and profound?

Authors Boa, a prominent theologian-astronomer, and Proctor, a Harvard-trained attorney and author, sort through the major theories and then suggest some surprising answers that help explain the biblical account. The first edition of this book was published by Doubleday; this updated, revised e-book edition includes new information and also striking illustrations from NASA and other astronomical agencies and observers.

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The Return of the Star of Bethlehem is available for personal purchase and gift giving at Barnes & Noble Nook e-books at this link:

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Dr. Kenneth Boa focuses in his ministry on relational evangelism, discipleship, teaching, writing, and speaking. He holds a B.S. from Case Institute of Technology, a Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary, a Ph.D. from New York University, and a D.Phil. from the University of Oxford in England. Dr. Boa is also President of Reflections Ministries and President of Trinity House Publishers. His academic background includes extensive study and research in theology, philosophy and astronomy. William Proctor, a graduate of Harvard College (magna cum laude in history) and Harvard Law School, has authored or coauthored more than 90 books in a variety of fields. A Bible study teacher for more than 30 years, he has also written three novels. Proctor’s books, which have sold more than 10 million copies in over 40 languages, include international bestsellers and feature an 18-week appearance on The New York Times hardcover nonfiction bestseller list.

The Resurrection Report: Why the Easter Story is the Greatest News Event in History - As a prominent reporter in New York City, William Proctor covered major international stories, from organized crime assassinations to terrorist bombings. Now, he takes on the most challenging story of his career: investigating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ according to the strictest present-day journalistic standards.

With his characteristic demand for detail and fidelity to fact, this no-nonsense reporter sets the record straight about that first Easter Sunday. He asks the pertinent questions: “Who saw this miraculous event? What exactly occurred? When, where, how, and why did it happen?”

A feature of THE RESURRECTION REPORT that will be of special interest to Bible students and scholars is Proctor’s “Resurrection rewrite”: After studying all biblical references to the Resurrection, he stepped into the journalistic role of “rewrite man” and produced one seamless narrative of the 27 major events that occurred from the burial of Jesus through his Ascension. This “harmony” of the Resurrection accounts, which is accompanied by lists of biblical sources and explanations, provides an exceptionally complete picture of the excitement and turmoil that accompanied that pivotal first-century event.

Poring over 2000-year-old documents and abiding by the reporter’s strict standards of proof, Proctor is uncompromising in his approach. He explores the most profound claims of the Christian faith with the critical eye necessary for getting at the objective truth. “The Resurrection is central to the Christian experience and must be tested against the highest standards of truth and authenticity,” Proctor says.


William Proctor, a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, is the author, coauthor, or ghostwriter of more than 80 nonfiction books, including several international bestsellers that have been published in more than 40 languages.

Controlling Cholesterol, one of his collaborations with Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, the “father of aerobics,” appeared on the New York Times hardcover and paperback bestseller lists for nearly six months. Also, many of his books with Dr. Herbert Benson of the Harvard Medical School, who is Director Emeritus of the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, have achieved bestseller status on various national lists. These include Relaxation Revolution, Beyond the Relaxation Response, and The Breakout Principle. In addition, Proctor has authored The Last Star, a novel about which Publishers Weekly said, "the author offers a rarity in Christian fiction: well-developed characters with credible motivation." He also coauthored Moongate, a novel with former U.S. Congressman Dr. David Weldon that is available on Kindle and in other e-book formats.

Finally, in writing THE RESURRECTION REPORT, Proctor has relied on his more than 35 years of teaching weekly Bible studies in various denominations and organizations. As editor of the HCSB Light Speed Bible, he has conducted seminars on Bible reading throughout the United States and has also published articles on the Bible and Christian life in many Christian journals, including the Criswell Theological Review, Christianity Today, and the Christian Herald.



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